"It is the mind that builds the body." 
- Joseph Pilates  


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The Pilates Studio, LLC

We are a fully equipped Pilates studio offering mat classes, Reformer classes, duo sessions and one-on-one personal training.


* Improves Core Strength

* Improves Posture

* Increases Flexibility

* Builds Long Lean Muscle

* Decreases Joint and Back Pain

* Corrects Muscle Imbalance

* Enhances Sports Performance

* Increases Body Awareness




Now offering Demi-Bar Pilates classes!

Demi-Bar Pilates is based on the fundamentals of Pilates but with added intensity and focus on the lower body.

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Mission Statement
The Pilates Studio's mission is to assist our clients with finding the best balance of strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness.  This balance of mind and body will allow our clients to perform whatever their passion is be it work, sports, outdoor pursuits, Pilates, or everyday life, with optimal physical and mental conditioning.