Meet Our Instructors


Heather Happel

Heather Happel was introduced to Pilates though Mat work, and loved the initial challenge it posed in her body. She stayed committed because of the changes she felt happening to her posture, strength, body composition, and balance. She became certified by PhysicalMind Institute to teach Pilates in 2007. Heather has a passion for anatomy, movement, figuring out correctable problems, and helping others find their strengths: Often returning them to activities they thought were no longer possible. She has clients ranging in age from 19 to 93; golfers, athletes of all levels, deconditioned populations, and the weekend warriors.

Heather has continued her education with certificates in Anatomy in Clay; Demi-Barre certification; Power Plate certification; Multiple conferences on movement and pain reduction; and Pelvic Floor workshops. In 2018 she completed the Master Trainer program through Pilates Sports Center in Los Angeles. Teaching the next generation of instructors is a highlight of her studio time. When not in the studio, Heather enjoys staying active outdoors. Hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, gardening, and creating custom tea blends with herbs she grows and forages. Pilates has enhanced the longevity of all these activities for sure!


Paula Hueners

As an Occupational Therapist I have spent 35 years playing with children ages birth to 21, primarily focusing on Neurological and Learning conditions and approaches.

Melding Occupational Therapy theory with Pilates’ focus on form and precision has been a natural transition, allowing me to provide appropriate challenges for clients.

My forte is problem solving which exercises are best for clients, and this is what motivates me to continue learning.  I look forward to working with those who struggle with physical and neurological conditions in the near future. For now I am focusing on assimilating the amazing knowledge I received from the Pilates Sports Center curriculum program. This was a quality educational regime and well worth the big effort that it is.

The best part of being at the The Pilates Studio is the opportunity to continue to learn from the ‘Heathers’  - and all of you - thank you! My biggest challenge at The Pilates Studio is learning to count!

My areas of interest include working with stained glass, dressage horseback riding, gardening, and being on the water (kayak, sailboat, houseboat).


Nicky Scott

I am a retired Registered Nurse and spent 20 years working in England and Canada in Intensive Care Units, Post Operative Care and Acute Pain Management. I met my husband in Toronto in 1999 and moved to the USA.

I have always been a physically active person and have trained for and completed Twin Cities Marathon 2011. I am a Certified Spin Instructor. I workout daily, do a lot of walking and I like to hike on weekends with my husband.

I started Pilates in 2019. I immediately felt the positive changes it brought to my body and my quality of life and I have been practicing regularly ever since.

I recently completed my Instructor Training through Pilates Sports Center with Heather and I am now training my own clients.

I believe Pilates is for everyone. Some of my clients are very experienced, some are just starting, but no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey, Pilates can help you. My personal goal when training clients is to make their Pilates program appropriate for their skill level, challenging but enjoyable.

You will get stronger, more flexible and gain greater awareness of how your body moves. This increased agility-both mental and physical- has a myriad of benefits that will improve your life far beyond the studio.

Elliana Wicks

Elliana Wicks

From the age of three, I have been around Pilates. The equipment, the movements, the philosophy was part of my upbringing. It sparked an interest in me for what Pilates can teach you and the endless list of exercises that work muscles in a way you've never felt before.

I am a graduate of the Pilates Sports Center teacher training, which I completed at The Pilates Studio with the Heathers. I became fully certified in 2023 and gained a clientele ranging in ages from 18-75. Pilates to me is the opportunity to use your body in new, fun, and functional ways. The ability to work on movement that will make your day-to-day life better. I focus on the body in front of me and make any adjustments needed for that person to be able to succeed in any movement.

What I love most about training is creating a fun environment while helping you towards your goals. My goal for every session is to challenge you and have you leaving the studio feeling better than you did when you walked in.