Barrels Workshop

November 14th
9am to 4pm

Heather Froh and Heather Black are master trainers through the Pilates Sports Center out of Encino, California. They have over 20 years of combined experience teaching classical and West Coast progressive Pilates. This Barrels workshop will build on your knowledge of the Pilates repertoire either as a refresher course, or as a certification. You do not need to be PSC certified to take this workshop. We will cover the ladder barrel, spine corrector, and the baby arc.

If you would like the certificate of completion, you will need to take, and pass the written and practical exam offered at the end of the course. Cost of the workshop is $300.

There is a Panera, Culvers, and Dairy Queen close to the studio. You can of course bring your own lunch. We will break for at least 30 min. More if time warrants. We will provide water, coffee, and light snacks.